We have 5 varieties to pick from this year: Brunswick, Lila, Jewel, Galletta, and Yambu. They all have unique qualities, but the two most important ones are flavor and hardiness. This year we are trialing several newer varieties out of Canada. We are anxious to see how they might do as a future selection for our farm. Picking usually starts around the last week in June or first week of July and lasts for about 3 weeks. 



 Do I need to bring my own container for picking?

No, we will provide a box for you that is easy to carry. They will hold about 10 pounds of berries. We also like to recycle, so when you bring your box back for your own reuse, you will get a box refund.


How do we sell our berries?

Strawberries are sold by the pound or the quart. We provide boxes to pick in when you arrive (at no additional charge) or you may pick in your own ice cream container. When you are done picking we weigh each box and you are charged only for the weight of the berries.


What are our hours?

We try to be open each day from 8 AM until 1 PM. Usually, in the heat of the day it is uncomfortable for you and the plants. We also need some time to maintain our other crops such as blueberries and apples. Usually during the middle of the season we will also have evening pickings. Call the berry line (218-327-9199) for the daily schedule. We do not pick in a hard rain but do still pick if it is a light rain.


How much do the strawberries cost?

We sell our berries by the pound. We are charging $/ # if you pick, or we will pick them for you at a cost of $/ #. Our scales are set so you pay only for the berries.


Can children pick in the patch?

 Yes. Picking can be a great outing for the whole family. We do expect the children to be supervised by an adult. There are many different kinds of pickers and some are much more serious than others when it comes to picking. It is important to respect everyone, along with the hard work we put in trying to provide your quality berries.