Most of the 1 1/2 acres we have in blueberries are made up of the two varieties, Northblue and Chippewa. Both have large sized berries and very good blueberry flavor. We also have a few plants of Northsky and Northcountry.

A few years ago we added the variety Superior. They are a little later in ripening, similar in size to Chippewa and have an excellent blueberry flavor.

Our oldest plants are about 35 years old with several younger plantings between 10 and 15 years old. In 2016, we put in what will probably be our last planting of blueberries. If we can get 35+ years on them also, we'll be very happy. 

 In the fall we mulch the blueberries with straw. Most of it falls through the branches to give a good layer under the plants. This helps to moderate soil temperatures during the summer, conserve moisture and keep the berries clean during harvest.

Our 2020 prices are:

 $ a pound if you pick blueberries

 $ a pound if we pick the berries for you.