Quotes We have been picking here now 8 years...the first year I remember driving in with my sister in law and we could smell the strawberries before we even parked the car. They were so sweet and wonderful.We have not picked anywhere else. Apples this year!!! Quotes
Bronwyn Goehle

Quotes My wife and I found this place on the internet and drove all the way from Portland,ND (near Grand Forks) for the strawberries and had a great time. We then had a better time going back a few weeks later for the blueberries. We ate them all winter long and plan on making our yearly viit again this year in 2012. The owner and workers were wonderful to us. Quotes
Joe and Sue Morowski
Awesome Place

Quotes We found this place on the internet and drove in from North Dakota, a five hour drive. We were met by the most "friendly" people and the "best" strawberries. Going back for the blueberries today. Quotes
Joe and Sue

Quotes Lavalier's Berry Patch is by far the best berry patch around! (And yes, I have been to the other local patches) You just can't beat the fabulously beautiful berries, the absolutely outstanding customer service, it's just a fantastic experience there!! Thank you Lavaliers for being such awesome people! Quotes
Crystal McCoy
Regular long time customer

Quotes I've tasted many good berries, but none better then those I have picked from the Lavalier Berry Patch. Not only are the berries beautiful, but the patch is meticulously maintained with friendly help. Quotes
Kate Miller
Satisfied customer

Quotes I love our annual trips to the Lavalier Berry Patch. The berries are delicious and the workers are always helpful and friendly, especially the young man named Joe. Quotes
Kortenkamp Family