apples apples Zester apples at the end of August. Getting close to being ripe. 189270733 Honeycrisp apples. 181814228 181813499 Apples are grown on the slender spindle system, 3-4 feet between trees and 12 feet between rows. 89112332 181813500 Hidden apples around August 1st. 89112339 Honeycrisp in the fall just before harvest. 175038851 Zester apples on B9 rootstock. A good root/scion combination. 175038852 175038854 chestnut crab (an early pollinator) 180204510 SweeTango Note the upright branch angles common with this variety. 180204512 Zester with a heavy crop needing a little extra support. 189270732 189271003 Norkent apple A hardy early variety with good flavor. It will keep about a month or more in cold storage. 189271004 Our bees do a great job of pollinating the apples and other fruit trees (bushes). There are also a great number of native pollinators that we owe a great deal of credit to. Bumble bees are our best blueberry pollinators. 204967014 181813998