Next blueberry picking will be on Sunday August 20 from 10am-2pm. Weather permitting. We plan on being open everyday next week.


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August 19, 2017- 8:30pm - BLUEBERRIES have started and the crop looks incredible. We will be open on SUNDAY, AUGUST 20 from 10am-2pm.  We plan on being open everyday next week but check back for hours and weather updates.The blueberries are very easy to pick because of the number of ripe berries on each cluster and the weather is suppose to be nice. Please call the berry hotline for updates and weather. You can pick in a standard ice cream bucket you bring from home or we do have containers for you to pick in. We have PRE PICKED blueberries for sale during our open hours. Prepicked berries go fast on the weekends so stop by in the morning if interested. Check out our "crops" page for prices. Call our berry hotline (218-327-9199) for the most current picking information. The blueberries are abundant on the plants and very easy to pick, so don't miss out on delicious MN grown blueberries.

Pick your own berry patch.

Strawberries -  We have 4 varieties to pick from: Brunswick, Lila, Laurel and Jewel. All of them have been selected for their high quality and hardiness for our area. We usually start our strawberry season the first week of July. As the season progresses we'll let you know when our first picking will be.

Blueberries - Our blueberry plants range in age from 1 year to 30 plus years. We have primarily Northblue and Chippewa, but we also have a few Northsky, North Country and a new planting of the most resent release from the U. of M., "Superior". We usually start picking blueberries around the first week in August or about 30 days after our first picking of strawberries. 

Apples -  The Apple trees are still quite young. We should have at least 20 varieties to sample this fall. We have many different well known varieties from Chestnut Crab to Haralson, as well as popular varieties from the University of Minnesota; Zestar, Honeycrisp and SweeTango. Last year we put in a small planting of the U. of M's newest release, First Kiss. It is an early, crisp, excellent keeping offspring of Honeycrisp. If we did things correctly last year, we should have some apples from it to try this fall. That's exciting, like a first kiss. Keep checking back in September for the start of the apple season. 

Tart Cherries - The cherries are from the breeding program at the University of Saskatchewan. About seven years ago we planted 100 very small bushes. After seeing and tasting the quality of the fruit, we planted an additional 250 plants in the spring of 2015 and 16. They make a wonderful cherry pie along with incredible flavored jam, sauce and juice. We are hoping to have an open picking this summer about the first of August.

Pumpkins and Squash - We should have several sizes of pumpkins along with many types and flavors of squash later this fall. 

Honey - We have 3 hives of bees for pollination and honey production.  We will try to have honey at the farm for sale later in the summer.